Misunderstood Beauties


Growing up I had only one doll, I called him Tony. He was my best friend in a world of little materials or possessions. I left Tony behind when my parents moved to the USA and I was gifted with many new toys. But my doll was my best toy.
I since then have left toys behind and have found a new meaning for dolls. They capture a time of innocence a time of simple games. But they also have a mystery about them, a sense of the past, an almost eerie and scary feel of souls living in them and this is what captured me when I first started to photograph them.
I now have been shooting images of dolls for more than ten years and they all live in a box, no one has seen them, only I have found them as treasures to my collection.
I would like to share these images with the rest of doll enthusiast and artist who can see what I see. I capture images that evoke emotion and allow the viewer to go back into their own time of simple memories

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