Patti has been a photographer for 25 years, holds a MFA in photography and has been a working artist just as long. She practices and experiments with alternative techniques in her own work and has been teaching youth and adults for over 20 years, her passion is one she likes sharing with others.
Exhibitions and shows
2024 Los Angeles Center for Photography group show. 
Into the Light: Analog Photography Now "Alone" Doll Honorable Mentioned.
2023 Art Escape group show "Looking through the Thinning Veil" Photo "Hall Pass"
2022 Las Lagunas Art Gallery LA group show “Textures, Shape, Patterns and Forms.”
2021 Group Exhibition Sebastopol Art Gallery. “Black and White and Grey”
2018 Solo Exhibition, Viewpoint Gallery, Midtown Sacramento “Misunderstood Beauties”
2017 10th Annual “Art Farm” group exhibition. Woodland CA
2016 Black Squirrel Studio 3 artist Group Show. San Francisco CA
2016 Sacramento Fine Arts Center, group show. “It’s A Zoo Out There”
2014 Kennedy Gallery, group exhibition Abstract images. Sacramento CA
2013 Tieton Arts & Humanities Art Show, group exhibition “Color 55”
2013 Beacon Art Show, group exhibition, San Luis Obispo CA.
2012 Judged the 2012 Film Fest Wired Weekend at Hancock College.
2012 Digital Arts California: True Colors Exhibition.
2011 Video for Mikhail Tank Productions. “Magma Music” LA CA.
2011 Directed and produced “Where Creative Minds Meet” for Community Access Television.     Santa Maria CA
2011 Beacon Art Show, group exhibition, San Luis Obispo CA.
2011 Video for Enedina Castañeda “Palabras en Las Venas” . Santa Maria CA
2010 Video for Works Gallery, “My Favorite Nightmare” San Jose CA.
2010 Red Berry Coffee Shop, solo exhibition. San Jose CA.
2009 Video for SVACA Promotions, Santa Clara County.
2009 Video for Mikhail Tank, performance “My Little Kingdom”.
2008 Redwood Café, Solo exhibition. Cotati, California.
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